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We Spent thousand of hours in Research & Development to deliver excellent Stock Tips.

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About Startup History

Jignals startup

In 2006 the Founder of company was a Started trding in stock market because he was a new trader in Stock market he made a loss of Rs. 50000 there after he started searching for a good advisory comapany who can help to recover loss but here is big picture now that every company given him too much losses again and again. Then he started learning market theories and joined some of the courses from out of India for Technical research and also he joined certification programs for NSIM of Investment Advisor. After this success he is started this company to help peoples to make Profits in Stock Market.



Deepak Soni

Founder, CEO


Monika Soni

Co-Founder, Director

Jignals Praveen 

Praveen Sharma

Research Head

Jignals Praveen 

Parantap Singh

Marketing Head

Jignals Meena 

Meena Agrawal

Business Development

Jignals Sudhir 

Sudhir Pande

Software Manager