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By going to our site you are consenting to be bound by the accompanying terms and conditions. We may change these terms and conditions whenever. Your proceeded with utilization of Zidcap.com implies that you acknowledge any new or changed terms and conditions that we think of. Please return to the `Terms of Use’ interface at our webpage every once in a while to remain side by side of any progressions that we may introduce.The term Zidcap.com’ is utilized through this whole Terms of Use record to allude to the site, its proprietors and the representatives and partners of the proprietor


By enlisting, you guarantee that all data you give, now or later on, is steady. Zidcap.com holds the right, in its sole prudence, to deny you access to this site or any part thereof without see for the accompanying reasons (a) quickly by Zidcap.com for any unapproved access or use by you (b) instantly by Zidcap.com on the off chance that you allocate or exchange (or endeavor the same) any rights conceded to you under this Agreement; (c) promptly, on the off chance that you abuse any of alternate terms and states of this User Agreement
I consent to get intermittent SMS cautions.
I consent to get intermittent pamphlets.


Zidcap.com, thus gives you a constrained, non-selective, non-assignable and non-transferable permit to get to Zidcap.com gave and explicitly adapted upon your understanding that all such access and utilize should be administered by the greater part of the terms and conditions put forward in this USER AGREEMENT.


Zidcap.com and also the outline and data contained in this site is significant and selective property of Zidcap.com, and nothing in this Agreement might be interpreted as exchanging or relegating any such possession rights to you or some other individual or element. All data on Zidcap.com is the restrictive and classified property of Zidcap.com and can’t be rehashed for any reason outside Zidcap.com. You concur not to rehash or rebroadcast at all any of the proposals made on Zidcap.com for any reason at all. You concur that on the off chance that you do rehash or re-post any of Zidcap.com proposals by any mean, you will be obligated for genuine and correctional harms as controlled by Zidcap.com and extra harms to be dictated by an Indian official courtroom.
You may not exchange, redistribute, communicate or exchange the data or utilize the data in an accessible, machine-discernable database unless independently and particularly approved in composing by Zidcap.com before such utilize. You may not lease, rent, sublicense, disseminate, exchange, duplicate, recreate, openly show, distribute, adjust, store or time-share Zidcap.com, any part thereof, or any of the data got or got to hence to or through some other individual or element unless independently and particularly approved in composing by Zidcap.com before such utilize. Moreover, you may not expel, change or cloud any copyright, lawful or exclusive notification in or on any bits of Zidcap.com without earlier composed approval Except as put forward in this, some other utilization of the data contained in this site requires the earlier composed assent of Zidcap.com and may require a different expense.


Neither Zidcap.com (counting its and their executives, workers, members, operators, agents or subcontractors) might be obligated for any misfortune or risk coming about, specifically or by implication, from deferrals or interferences because of electronic or mechanical hardware disappointments, phone interconnect issues, deserts, climate, strikes, walkouts, terminate, demonstrations of God, riots, equipped clashes, demonstrations of war, or other like causes. Zidcap.com should have no duty to give you access to Zidcap.com while interference of Zidcap.com is because of any such reason might proceed.


You explicitly concur that utilization of the site is at your sole hazard. The substance, data, programming, items, highlights and administrations distributed on this site may incorporate mistakes or typographical blunders. Changes are occasionally added to the substance thus. Zidcap.com and additionally its separate providers may make enhancements and additionally changes in this site whenever. This site might be briefly inaccessible every now and then because of required upkeep, media communications intrusions, or different interruptions. Zidcap.com (and its proprietors, providers, specialists, publicists, offshoots, accomplices, workers or some other related elements, all things considered alluded to as related elements from this point forward) might not be at risk to client or part or any outsider ought to Zidcap.com practice its entitlement to adjust or suspend any or the majority of the substance, data, programming, items, highlights and administrations distributed on this site. Zidcap.com as well as its particular related substances make no portrayals about the appropriateness of the substance, data, programming, items, highlights and administrations contained on this site for any reason. Every single such substance, data, programming, items, highlights and administrations are given “as seems to be” without guarantee of any sort. Zidcap.com as well as its related substances thus renounce all guarantees and conditions as to these substance, data, programming, items, highlights and administrations, including all suggested guarantees and states of merchantability, wellness for a specific reason, title, non-encroachment, and accessibility. In no occasion should Zidcap.com and additionally its related elements be obligated for any immediate, aberrant, reformatory, accidental, unique or noteworthy harms emerging out of or in any capacity associated with the utilization of this site or with the postponement or powerlessness to utilize this site, or for any substance, data, programming, items, highlights and administrations got through this site, or generally emerging out of the utilization of this site, regardless of whether in light of agreement, tort, strict risk or something else, regardless of whether Zidcap.com.com or any of its related elements has been informed concerning the likelihood of harms.


Zidcap entirely takes after Trading Principle and Stop Loss Policy wherein Customer as a matter of course consent to not do/enter any exchange without Pre Informed/Defined Stop Loss. On the off chance that you exchange against the stop misfortune arrangement, only you might be in charge of the same and Zidcap should have zero obligation towards it.We additionally exhort that don’t exchange on suggestions of workers outside the course of work on the off chance that, on the off chance that you will do as such, the risk will be your own particular and Zidcap should not be responsible for any misfortune.

7) REFUND and Cancelation POLICY:

All deals are last. We offer a Free Look-up Period according to the accompanying arrangement:
Free look-into time: 1 benefit day (1 schedule date since benefit began i.e. benefit began on first Jan free look into closes on second Jan at 12:01 am)* We offer you a one administration day free look into time on the off chance that you wish to return or supplant our items subsequent to getting, you can apply for the same through a composed demand at help@zidcap.com from your enlisted email id and recover your cash. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that demand would be engaged ONLY on the off chance that we get ask for around the same time when the administration begins or prior. Any ask for send on resulting dates would not be engaged.


On the off chance that this site contains message/release sheets, visit rooms, or other message or correspondence offices (by and large, “Discussions”), you consent to utilize the Forums just to send and get messages and material that are appropriate and identified with the specific Forum. By method for instance, and not as a restriction, you concur that when utilizing a Forum, you should not do any of the accompanying:
Stigmatize, mishandle, pester, stalk, debilitate or generally abuse the legitimate rights, (for example, privileges of protection and reputation) of others.
Distribute, post, convey or spread any defamatory, encroaching, profane, foul or unlawful material or data.
Transfer documents that contain programming or other material secured by protected innovation laws (or by privileges of security of attention) unless you claim or control the rights thereto or have gotten every important assent.
Transfer documents that contain infections, undermined records, or some other comparative programming or projects that may harm the activity of another’s PC.
Direct or forward studies, challenges, or networking letters.
Download any record posted by another client of a Forum that you know, or sensibly should know, can’t be lawfully disseminated in such way.


You might give and keep up all phone/web and other hardware important to get to Zidcap.com, and the expenses of any such gear as well as phone/web associations or utilize, including any appropriate charges, should be borne exclusively by you. You are in charge of working your own gear used to get to Zidcap.com.


You recognize that the data gave through Zidcap.com is gathered from sources, which are outside the ability to control of Zidcap.com Though such data is perceived by the gatherings to be for the most part dependable, the gatherings recognize that mistakes may happen and Zidcap.com does not warrant the consistency or reasonableness of the data. Thus, and additionally the likelihood of human and mechanical mistakes and different elements, you recognize that Zidcap.com is given to you on an “as seems to be, with all issues” premise. Zidcap.com explicitly disavows all guarantees, regardless of whether express, oral, suggested, statutory or something else, of any sort to the clients and additionally any outsider, including any inferred guarantees of consistency, auspiciousness, culmination, merchantability and wellness for a specific reason, and additionally any guarantees emerging by goodness of custom of exchange or course of managing and any suggested guarantees of title or non-encroachment. Also, Zidcap.com, in giving the data makes no support of a specific security, martket member, or business. Further, Zidcap.com does not speak to or warrant that it will meet your necessities or is appropriate for your requirements.
Under this User Agreement, you expect all danger of blunders or potentially oversights in Zidcap.com, including the transmission or interpretation of data. You accept full accountability for executing adequate methods and checks to fulfill your prerequisites for the consistency and reasonableness of Zidcap.com, including the data, and for keeping up any methods, which you may require for the reproduction of lost information or ensuing controls or investigations of the data under the User Agreement.
You concur that Zidcap.com ( including its and their officers, chiefs, workers, partners, gather organizations operators, agents or subcontractors) might in no occasion be at risk for any extraordinary, coincidental or important harms emerging out of the utilization or powerlessness to utilize Zidcap.com for any reason at all. Zidcap.com and it’s subsidiaries, partners, officers, chiefs, representatives and operators might have no obligation in tort, contract, or generally to client as well as any outsider.


The connections in this site will enable you to leave Zidcap.com. The connected destinations are not under the control of Zidcap.com. Zidcap.com has not evaluated, nor endorsed these locales and isn’t in charge of the substance or exclusions of any connected site or any connections contained in a connected site. The consideration of any connected site does not suggest support by Zidcap.com of the site. Outsider connects to Zidcap.com might be administered by a different understanding.


You should repay, safeguard and hold safe Zidcap.com (counting its and their officers, chiefs, workers, members, aggregate organizations, specialists, delegates or subcontractors) from all cases and misfortunes forced on, caused by or declared because of or identified with: (a) your entrance and utilization of Zidcap.com (b) any resistance by client with the terms and conditions in this regard; or (c) any outsider activities identified with clients receipt and utilization of the data, regardless of whether approved or unapproved. Any condition pronounced invalid should be esteemed severable and not influence the legitimacy or enforceability of the rest of. These terms may just be revised in a composition marked by Zidcap.com


On the off chance that there is any contention between this User Agreement and different archives, this User Agreement should administer, regardless of whether such request or different records is before or consequent to this User Agreement, or is marked or recognized by any chief, officer, worker, delegate or operator of Zidcap.com


In the event that Zidcap.com makes a move (independent from anyone else or through its partner organizations) to implement any of the arrangements of this User Agreement, including gathering of any sums due hereunder, Zidcap.com. might be qualified for recuperate from you (and you consent to pay), notwithstanding all wholes to which it is entitled or some other alleviation, at law or in value, sensible and essential lawyer’s charges and any expenses of any case.


This User Agreement constitutes the whole understanding between the gatherings, and no other assention, composed or oral, exists amongst you and Zidcap.com. By utilizing the Information on Zidcap.com., you accept full accountability for all increases and misfortunes, budgetary, passionate or something else, experienced, endured or acquired by you. Zidcap.com does not ensure the consistency, fulfillment or convenience of, or generally underwrite in any capacity, the perspectives, feelings or suggestions communicated in the Information, does not give speculation guidance, and does not advocate the buy or offer of any security or venture by you or some other person. The Information isn’t proposed to give charge, legitimate or venture counsel, which you ought to get from your expert guide before making any speculation of the sort talked about in the Information. The Information does not constitute a sales by the data suppliers, Zidcap.com or other of the buy or offer of securities.The benefit is given “as may be,” without guarantee of any sort, either express or inferred, including without impediment, any guarantee for data, information, administrations, continuous access, or items furnished through or regarding the administration. in particular, Zidcap.com disavows all guarantees, including, however not restricted to:(i) (I) Any guarantees concerning the accessibility, consistency, convenience, or substance of data, items or administrations; and (ii) (ii) Any guarantees of title, guarantee of non-encroachment and guarantees of merchantability or wellness for a specific reason. This disclaimer of obligation applies to any harms or damage caused by any disappointment of execution, blunder, exclusion, interference, cancellation, imperfection, delay in activity or transmission, PC infection, correspondence line disappointment, burglary or decimation or unapproved access to, modification of, or utilization of record, regardless of whether for break of agreement, tort, carelessness, or under some other reason for action.Neither Zidcap.com nor any of its representatives, operators, successors, trustees, partners, amass organizations or substance or specialist co-ops should be at risk to you or other outsider for any immediate, circuitous, accidental, extraordinary or significant harms emerging out of utilization of administration or failure to access or utilize the administration or out of any rupture of any guarantee. Since a few nations don’t permit the rejection or impediment of obligation for weighty or coincidental harms, the above constraint may not matter to you. In such nations, the separate obligation of Zidcap.com, its workers, specialists, successors, appointees, associates, gather organizations and substance or specialist organizations particular risk is constrained to the sum gave under said law. Further, you concur and comprehend that all administrations gave are non-refundable and that you ought to deliberately consider whether our administrations can address your issues.


This User Agreement and the permit rights allowed hereunder should stay in full power and impact unless ended or wiped out for any of the accompanying reasons: (a) quickly by Zidcap.com for any unapproved access or use by you (b) instantly by Zidcap.com on the off chance that you allot or exchange (or endeavor the same) any rights conceded to you under this Agreement; (c) promptly, on the off chance that you disregard any of alternate terms and states of this User Agreement. End or cancelation of this Agreement might not influence any privilege or alleviation to which Zidcap.com might be entitled, at law or in value. Endless supply of this User Agreement, all rights conceded to you will end and return to Zidcap.com. But as put forward thus, paying little respect to the explanation behind cancelation or end of this User Agreement, the expense charged if any for access to Zidcap.com is non-refundable for any reason.


All debate, contrasts and inquiries of any nature which whenever emerge between the gatherings to this assention out of the development of or concerning anything contained in or emerging out of this understanding or with regards to the rights, obligations or liabilities under it or the gatherings to it should be alluded to the sole Arbitrator under the Arbitration and pacification Act, 1996. The sole Arbitrator should be designated by the Managing Director of Zidcap. The Arbitration Proceedings should be held at Jaipur (Rajasthan) India. The Place of Arbitration will be at Jaipur (Rajasthan) India. The laws winning in India Shall alone apply to the Arbitration Proceedings between the gatherings.


Both the Parties concur that all cases, contrasts and debate, including any understandings, contracts and exchanges made with reference to anything coincidental thereto or in compatibility thereof or identifying with their legitimacy, development, elucidation, satisfaction or the rights, commitments and liabilities of the gatherings thereto and including any inquiry of whether such dealings, exchanges MOA, or contracts have been gone into or not, should be liable to the select locale of the Courts of Jaipur as it were.